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Zen Warrior Armory - SCA and Theatrical Rapier Gear

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R7 French Style Rapier
#R7. R7 French Style Rapier

ZWA found the original pieces of the R7 in the backroom of an old sword shop in the south of France. Good for both competition and theatrical use, this is a beautiful yet rugged cup hilt rapier.

Base model includes a T10X Foil Blade and a 165mm reinforced stainless steel rolled edge guard for maximum hand protection in an ambidextrous design that is quick and well balanced. Choose different blade, if desired. The optional steel quillions and knuckle guard are no longer available, the sword nowhas onlya full-length French style grip. Additional fees apply below for adding embossed guard, or E1 grip.

Choose blade:T90X Extra Strong Epee 35 (Out Of Stock) $101.00
T02 Musketeer 30 $129.00
T02 Musketeer 32(Out Of Stock) $129.00
T02 Musketeer 35(Out Of Stock) $129.00
T02 Musketeer 40 $154.00
T01 Schlager 30 $139.00
T01 Schlager 32 $139.00
T01 Schlager 35 $139.00
T01 Schlager 37 $149.00
T01 Schlager 40 $159.00
T01 Schlager 42(Out Of Stock) $101.00
T03 Rapier 30 $139.00
T03 Rapier 32 $139.00
T03 Rapier 35 $139.00
T03 Rapier 37 $149.00
T03 Rapier 40 $159.00
T03 Rapier 42(Out Of Stock) $101.00
Choose guard:Standard Guard(Out of Stock)
Embossed Guard add $15.00
Add Quillions?:No
Yes add $20.00
Add E1 Grip?:No
Yes add $13.00
Choose Pommel:Standard Pommel
Brass Standard Pommel add $2.00
P13 Bell Pommel(.70lbs) *Recommended for 40 rapier and schlager blades* add $10.00
This Rapier Is For:SCA Rapier Fighting
SCA Cut & Thrust
Theatrical/Stage Combat
If Other Please Explain:
Add Blunt Tip?:No
Yes add $1.50

Zen Leather Equipment Bag
Zen Leather Equipment Bag

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R_18 Catalano Saber
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