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Zen Warrior Armory - SCA and Theatrical Rapier Gear

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ZWA Tunic Style Fencing Jacket
ZWA Tunic Style Fencing Jacket
#T253. ZWA Tunic Style Fencing Jacket

Our ZWA tunic style fencing jacket was developed in conjunction with SCA light weapons specialists to provide the maximum possible practicality while still preserving the historic flavor of the period. Available in a wide variety of color combinations. Females find that the 393 and 394 undergarments fit better than the tunic.

Select the number of colors you want and give a detailed discription of how the combination is to be applied to the garment in the text box.

For example: I want Blue body with white sleeves, Or Yellow body in front and a black back with white sleeves...etc. keep in mind that it is possible that a dark color could bleed on to a light color, especially if you get the jacket really wet and allow the different colors to touch each other.

Provides 570 Newtons of protection*

*Newton measurements are made in one of two European laboratories under FIE rules. The test is conducted under precise conditions utilizing an Instrom Dynamometer, which give measurements as precisely as modern technology allows. As a comparison, four layers of trigger cloth measures 477 Newtons. Test result documentation is available on request.

Available colors include white, black, steel blue, denim blue, blood red, tan, khaki, sage green, and olive green.

*Please provide your height, weight, chest, waist, and hips measurements so our seamstry department can verify what size tunic you need. Use size tab to estimate tunic cost only!

The Natural Brown shade is currently out of stock. Default color is white until this color is restocked

Price Range:Size 32-46 $50.00
Size 48-52 $75.00
Size 54-56 $97.00
Over 56 $127.00
Number of Colors:
Color Combination Discription:
Height and Weight:
Chest Waist and Hip Measurement:

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