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Zen Warrior Armory - SCA and Theatrical Rapier Gear

About Our Masks

All our masks meet FIE rules for normal competition. Homologated masks are designated as such in the description. Most masks come in three sizes: Men's Women's and Children's. Some manufactures also offer A Men's Extra Large. Our masks are offered in five sizes--"1" small children; "2" Big children or very small women; "3" women; "4" Men; "5" men's gigantic. These are the masks we suggest for SCA use.

Other Models are available at Triplette Compitition Arms
For more detailed information on Masks Click on Mask FAQ to the left.

A light, comfortable mask with European mesh, our entry level mask is similar to those sold by German and French houses at nearly twice our price. ZWA's high volume purchasing power gives a Euro quality mask at a price one would expect for a chinese product. colors available.

Zen Warrior Mask 183


Our 1999 Zen Warrior Maskfeatures a removable and washable inner bib liner combined with a strong, light European frame. This is the world's first competition legal mask with a washable bib at a reasonable price. The padding is plush, and  gives excellent shock absorbption without excessive bulk. Our  mask is unmatched in features and comfort, and is certainly the best buy in competition masks under $100.00. Sizes 1 (small children), 2 (children under 11), 3 (women), 4 (men), 5 (extra huge men). colors available.

Zen Warrior Mask 1999


For those wanting maximum durability at a affordable price, ZWA has created a new mask with unique features. The frame is constructed of FIE stainless mesh for long life, the bib is FIE rated at over 400 Newtons, and padded. It has the new washable inner bib liner for those of you who like to wash their clothes occasionally. Sized 1 (small children) to 5 (Extra large men). colors available.

Dynaflow 2000

FIE Mask- ZWA is the only US manufacturer of an FIE Homologated 1600 Newton mask, and as is our usual practice, we added something special to it. We made it with a removable, washable bib liner so you can keep it smelling nice, and and 1600 Newton bib, currently the strongest on the planet. It is the best you can get, and the price is right. Colors available. Sizes: 2-Children under 11, 3-Women, 4-Men, 5-Men 6'3" or over.

Zen Warrior Mask 2001



Zen Leather Equipment Bag
Zen Leather Equipment Bag
$125.00 $95.00

Stainless Shield Boss
Stainless Shield Boss
$65.00 $50.00

Chainmail Hood
Chainmail Hood
$250.00 $200.00

Rose Cross Robe
Rose Cross Robe
$100.00 $75.00

Discount Spectra Undergarments
Discount Spectra Undergarments
$200.00 $150.00

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